Friday, July 8, 2011

NPR's Report on Economic Recession Recovery: For Women, No Recovery At All

"It is not entirely clear why men are doing better than women in the current recovery"
 HERE COMES A RANT, be warned:
Are you fucking kidding me? It is due to sexism, sexism that allows opportunities for men and not women. Who makes up the vast amount of all single parents? Women. Who are the poorest, most underpaid, sexually harassed, and often less able to access and afford education? Women. Who faces glass ceilings? Women. Who still only makes 75 cents to the male dollar? Women. Good god the evidence is obvious and this information is not at all coincidental, as this brief report implies. Clearly the man who wrote this article is uninformed or just unwilling to do a little research.

Note: One should not interpret this rant as insinuating that women are the only people who face discrimination in the work place and in the job market. I am only addressing women at large because the article only addresses "women" in the broadest sense of the word. 

Posted by: Anna Garski